Industrial Fans

Our industrial fans are continually improving with leading-edge technology, along with advancements in the digital solutions that we can supply to monitor and control them. We will support you at every stage - specification, technical clarification, commercials, engineering, installation and maintenance, and we offer pro-active support to help avoid unplanned outages and downtime.

At Powertech, we are able to construct a complete package and offer from individual components to full turnkey solutions. Our main focus is on efficiency, reliability, low maintenance cost and power savings. Through partnerships, we have the ability to ensure you get the perfect combination of solutions including fully automated systems operating through our performance management software.


From traditional designs using Direct-on-Line (DOL) starters to cutting edge technology, we have your fan starter requirements covered. We can integrate multi-vendor packages comprising a combination of components delivering exactly what you need.

We have variable speed drives (VSD) for AC synchronous and induction motors providing speed, torque and direction control for our fans on supply systems between 415V to 11000V 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz.


Our solutions can be further customised through the integration of PLC/HMI control packages and SCADA making it easy to control and monitor the performance on-site and remotely.

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