Powertech supplies customised switchrooms designed to providing shelter for electrical and control equipment including medium voltage switchgear and VSD/VVVFs.

Our shelters are designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions, including cyclone rating and advanced climate control as well as fire rating and fire suppression systems. Our switchrooms are custom built and transportable to meet relevant industry and state standards and codes with special attention to safety, quality, energy efficiency and high performance.

In our fully-integrated packages, our switchrooms provide a reliable hub for the electrical equipment utilised in the switching, protection, control and monitoring of our ventilation systems (industrial fans), rod mills and material handling plants.


We like to minimise installation time and interruptions to your operations. Our switchrooms can be constructed on a concrete or hot-dip galvanised steel base frame, and whenever possible, complete fitted-out offsite and transported to site as a whole unit.

Our switchrooms are suitable to standard or heavy industrial applications including Mining, Steelworks as well as Oil and Gas and material handling plants.


Powertech also specialises in mechanical and civil work on-site including concrete slabs, formwork, steel fabrication and structural engineering.

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