From turnkey mine ventilation, material handling, plant audits, overhauls to performance optimization and power draw reduction, we have a solution for you.


The Challenge:

400m3/sec at 4.5kPa required at the collar of 5-meter diameter, 860-meter deep shaft to replace aging and undersized Surface & UG Booster Fans including constrained power supply to the site imposing severe limitations to the starting current of the new ventilation system. Flexibility was also required to service the fan but maintain underground ventilation.

The Solution:

2 x 1300kW Single-Width Overhung Fans. VSD overcame starting current limitation and allowed fans to operate at its optimum speed according to ventilation requirements, saving 1MW over original fan installation. Each fan can be isolated, allowing maintenance on one fan while the other fan generates 70% of the total flow produced during dual-fan operation.

See where we can help

  • Mining Ventilation

    Powertech utilizes proven technology to build innovative solutions for hard-rock and coal mine ventilation.
  • Industrial Fans

    Heavy-duty, custom-design fans and blowers for applications in steel, power generation, cement and mine ventilation.
  • Machinery Supply

    OEM and Retrofit: Ball and Rod Mills, Trunnion Liners, Ball Sorters, Auto Ball Loaders, Double Cone / Gate Valves, Pneumatic Cylinders.
  • Components

    Dry-Lube Bearings and Bushes, Conveyor Idlers/Frames, Mulching Flails, Polyurethane Lining, Weld-Overlay Wear Plate.
  • Switchrooms

    We design and build custom designed switchrooms using cutting edge technology with a focus on power savings, efficiency and reliability.
  • Services

    Rotating equipment installation, inspection, repairs & overhauls, performance and power audits, computational analysis - CFD & FEA.

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